Missing A Tooth? Replace it Right Away!

Missing Teeth Not Only Damage Your Self-Esteem, But Also Your Jawbone!

It goes without saying that if you lose a tooth due to injury, gum disease, cancer, or other occurrence, you should have it replaced immediately. Did you know, that there are significant dangers to not replacing a tooth, such as bone resorption? Because the roots of the missing tooth are no longer embedded into jawbone, the jawbone will begin to deteriorate. It can also affect the teeth around the void, and can alter your facial appearance. Sounds scary, right?

Decreased Confidence

You might refrain from smiling, eating or speaking to others while in public when you’re missing teeth. You know the people who walk into a room with a big, bright smile? It’s really hard to miss. However, if you hide your smile because you’re embarrassed of missing teeth, you could limit yourself socially and professionally.

Diminished Health

Missing teeth can affect which foods you are able to eat. How does this impact you overall? You could eliminate certain foods from your diet and deprive yourself of the nutrients you need. You can also overuse other teeth to help compensate for the missing ones, which leaves them more susceptible to decay. Don’t put down that nutritious apple because you can’t bite into it. Instead, give us a call and we can give you options to restore your smile and bite!

What Can You Do?

If you have missing teeth, you’re probably asking yourself, “What can I do about it?” There are many different options we offer to help you get back on track. We don’t want you to lose confidence in yourself, and we certainly don’t want you not eating the foods you love. Let’s review some of the ways we can help you!


Dentures have been a tried and true method of replacing teeth for centuries. From partials to full, we can help fit you so you can begin enjoying life to the fullest again. Immediate dentures are given to patients after the teeth are extracted in order to help get accustomed to the dentures. These will be adjusted accordingly to eliminate sore spots, until your permanent dentures arrive.

Dental Bridges

Bridges by applying crowns on the teeth surrounding the extraction point, then cementing a false tooth to the two crowned teeth to anchor it into place.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are quickly becoming the most popular option for teeth replacement. Why? They’re sturdy, permanent, and last much longer than bridges and dentures. Implants help preserve your jawbone because the titanium post is inserted into the extraction, and over time will fuse with the jawbone. This will stop bone loss in its tracks. They also have the look and feel of real teeth!

Don’t go through life not smiling because you’re ashamed of your missing teeth. You’re also at risk of further damaging your health if you neglect your missing teeth. Dobbs & Adkins, DMD, LLC has the team to ensure your smile is the brightest and healthiest it can be. Don’t let another day go by without being the real you.. Call us today (205) 655-4300 to schedule an appointment!