Make a Great First Impression with Your Smile

Bear with me a minute. I need to set the stage for you.

First Impressions

First impressions are more important than you might think. Whether it’s a job interview, or a meeting with colleagues, or even a neighborhood gathering, people base their initial impression based on appearance. That judgment will affect those relationships as you move forward. They are judging a book by its cover…or you by your smile. Not necessarily fair, but you probably do it, too.

Situational Smiles

Okay, now consider a job interview. This is the most critical part of your job hunting process. You can present an impressive resume with excellent credentials, but if you give a poor first impression, you won’t make it to the next step of the interview process. Subconsciously, prospective employers have immediate reactions based on appearance. It’s critical to look your best. One surefire way to improve your appearance is to whiten your teeth because a yellowed or stained smile is not as likely to get that job. A confident, white smile? Bingo.

How about job meetings? You already have a job, and you’re doing well…except for those coffee stains on your teeth. The java helps you keep up-to-speed, but it’s doing a number on your teeth. Not to mention the red wine you might drink, or the cigarettes you may be smoking. Stained teeth just don’t cut it. You need to present something to a group and that smile should look shiny and white.

You may think it doesn’t matter how you look at home. You’re just out cutting the lawn or painting the mailbox post, and that’s fine. But what about welcoming a new neighbor or the annual neighborhood picnic? Is your smile ready?

Well, Do Something About It!

It’s time to get that smile ready for every circumstance. Come on in and let us take care of you with Zoom! Teeth Whitening. The in-office treatment is incredibly effective. It’s been clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes! Yep, that’s right, whiter teeth in less time than it takes you to get pizza delivered… or take your lunch break… or that meeting, you know the one.

Interested? Our in-office Zoom! Treatments actually give immediate results with limited sensitivity. Zoom! actually removes stains from food, drinks, and discoloration that is the result of certain medications. We will check the current shade of your teeth to compare to the results after whitening.

After the whitening gel is applied to your teeth, a special lamp is used to accelerate the process. This may be done up to three times (in that same 45 minutes) to reach your desired level of whitening. After the treatment, we apply a gel to protect enamel and decrease sensitivity.

Don’t need quite that much whitening? There’s a Zoom! treatment for that. No light is needed and the process involves a simple layer of whitening treatment applied to your teeth at the end of your routine cleaning. It dries fast and can be brushed off in 30 minutes to reveal a whiter smile!

Keep that Whiter Smile

Remember that tooth whitening is not permanent. If you return to the activities that stained your smile, you risk future discoloration and may have to repeat the whitening process. This could be a good time to give up or decrease some bad habits!